How Many Eminem Tattoos are Too Many?

Meet Nikki, thirty-five years old. Enthralled with a rapper and his lyrical content she decides to get a tattoo. But almost 20yrs later, it’s become an addiction. And suddenly she holds a world record.

**If you don’t get the above reference please listen to Guilty Conscience by Eminem**

Nikki Patterson of Scotland currently holds the Guinness World Record for “the most tattoos of the same musician tattooed on the body.” With a whopping 28 Eminem themed tattoos including 16 portraits.

She’s been documenting her tattoo journey at her appropriately titled @crazyeminemlady Instagram account. Go check it out, it’s pretty cool.

I personally cannot imagine the type of commitment or dedication it would take to get this done. I’d be terrified of him doing something I find morally reprehensible and then trying to hide almost 30 damn tattoos. Also, not to get too graphic but how does one become intimate with someone knowing they will be looking at someone else the entire time?

As for me, I’ve always wanted a tattoo but my fear of needles and being a giant baby have always prevented me from getting one. But if I had to choose a single artist or band to get a tattoo of, I think I’d choose the Alvin and The Chimpmunks. Alvin

Netflix Canada Increases Prices

This was bound to happen eventually but choosing during a pandemic that has caused mass layoffs and business closures is a (what’s the polite word for “ballsy”?) move.

The basic plan will remain $9.99, the standard plan is going up a buck to $14.99 and premium up a couple to $18.99. Existing members can expect the change on their next billing cycle and new customers will already find these prices online.

It is an interesting move considering the timing. There’s no doubt that people are at home more right now and watching more TV than ever. But families are having to make tough decisions about which bills to pay, what’s a priority and what’s not, and putting this out there now is a bit of a middle finger to those struggling. 

Also, I wonder where the price-point is when people start looking for alternatives to Netflix. There’s no denying they are the market leader in this industry but much like my cable bill, I’ll eventually have to start looking at it critically and decide how much value I’m actually getting for my money.

For now I’ll take the one dollar price hike because the alternative of hiring a babysitter is WAY more costly.

New Podcast Alert!

Hi All,

Just a quick announcement that Episode Two of The Nerd Dad Podcast is up and running. In this week’s 5 minute episode I talk about how Kids TV Sucks and how you can better bond with your child.

You can listen to it on this site by clicking the Podcast button from the menu. Or on Dean Blundell Dot Com Or on Spotify here

It’s also available on iTunes just search Nerd Dad Podcast and look for the logo!

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Covid at IKEA

IKEA Canada is advising the public that one of it’s staff at the North York location tested positive for Covid 19 on October 1st although the person has not worked a shift since September 20th. You should still be aware that you may have gotten more than just a bookcase and meatballs the last time you were there.

I get that if people are dumb enough to gather at restaurants and bars then people are dumb enough to gather at IKEA but it still befuddles me. I truly haven’t been inside a grocery store since March. We do curb side pickup for everything and where possible my dry goods quarantine in the garage before being wiped down and brought inside. 

I also get that I am on the extreme side of paranoia when it comes to Covid but my wife was hospitalized with pneumonia last year and has asthma. We both need a sleep apnea machine so we put ourselves in high the risk category. That and we haven’t updated our wills recently so I think officially everything goes to the dog if we die. (We actually don’t have a dog but for the purposes of this joke we do)

We’ve even ordered from IKEA during this pandemic but we did curb side pickup and sprayed everything down with Lysol before we put the boxes in the car.

I know IKEA sells everything but the “build your own casket” is selling out fast. So please prioritize what you need and take the necessary precautions.

Stay safe.

How Pokémon Go Made Me a Better Dad

It was the summer of 2016 when Pokémon Go first took the world by storm. A fad and world wide craze that had idiots everywhere walking into traffic and off cliffs in search of imaginary pocket monsters. (Not a euphemism for a penis, although it definitely sounds like one) And I joined in on the fun.

I would take my newborn for strolls around the neighbourhood “hunting”. I would go for walks on my lunch break and I would ignore anyone I was with if I was in a new location in hopes of finding and catching a Charmander or Pikachu. null

As the fad died down so did my interest and I ended up deleting the game although die hard “trainers” continued to play and keep the game profitable. I hadn’t even thought of it until my now four year old started to show interest in Pokémon.

Up until this point I’ve hated everything this kid had liked. For example, Paw Patrol is an insane concept with morons living in Adventure Bay. Thomas the train needs antidepressants and Peppa Pig should have been turned into delicious bacon years ago. But Pokémon was from my childhood and something I could embrace.

I re-downloaded Pokémon Go and suddenly found myself out for long walks with my son and rather than talking about how many fire hydrants or white cars he sees it was actually interesting. We get excited when see new Pokémon. We battle other trainers and he can’t wait to tell his Mom all about our adventures when we get home. It’s been a terrific bonding experience and the furthest thing from a fad.

Trump Paid How Much for a Stylist?


We all knew that when Donald Trump’s tax returns were eventually uncovered we’d find a whole bunch of unscrupulous information that is morally reprehensible. That is to be expected from someone who has shown time and time again to be without a moral compass or scruples. 

That being said, something that caught my eye was the $70,000 he wrote off in hairstyling costs. Jokes about The President’s hair are cliche and hack but there’s no reason for him to drop $70K on something that should be done for no more than $200 a year.

Believe it or not I used to have hair and once every 2 months or so I’d go visit the local barber, Bruno. Bruno was an old Italian guy who like to rub his crotch into my arm and shoulder while he cut my hair. He’d charge me $12 and I’d tip $3 and it would be a nice $15 exchange.

For $70K Bruno could have cut my hair over 4,600 times. For $70K Bruno could have cut my hair daily for almost 13 YEARS! I know a stylist costs more than an old man who gets his kicks rubbing it against his customers, but surely their must be some middle ground between the two extremes. Also, how much of the taxpayers money do you think he’s used to keep himself looking pretty while in office.

I’m not saying I’d use that against Trump if I were Biden, but I would keep that information handy in case Trump tries to play the “everyday American” card. I’d bet there’s a lot more Americans going to Bruno’s than going to stylists.

Legends Build a Secret Man Cave

As per CNN “Three railroad employees were suspended without pay for converting a room underneath Grand Central Terminal in New York City into their own personal ‘man cave’

The room was furnished with a wall-mounted TV connected to a streaming device, a futon couch, refrigerator, air mattress, and microwave, according to a report released Thursday by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Inspector Carolyn Pokorny.”

Losing your job for this is bad but god help these men if they’re married.

If I know anything about marriage (and I’ve been with my high school sweetheart for many a decade now) it’s that even the most mundane lie can come back to haunt you. I cannot imagine having to explain that the authorities found my secret break room that me and the boys made to grab a nap while working (allegedly) and now I might lose my job.

Look, we all steal from our employers (except me, I’m perfect) but generally speaking it’s extremely small things. An extra 10min on your lunch, some paper clips, a photocopier, normal things. But it takes a certain amount of confidence to believe your employer is so clueless that they won’t notice you and your buddies sneaking away to build a Little Rascals clubhouse.

I also have to believe the fallout from this starts with these three and will at some point in time include their supervisors. How can they excuse not knowing that three of their crew were sneaking away to build a damn underground condo? It seems like poor leadership if you ask me.

Whether or not these guys get fired, I guarantee these guys are now legends around the office. And if I know anything, it’s that legends never die!

Let’s Cancel Thanksgiving Canada

Autumn is a magical time of year. There’s a chill in the air, the leaves begin to change and white women begin ingesting anything Pumpkin Spiced.

It’s also the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season. First up, Thanksgiving. Time for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, football and family gatherings. And in Canada we get this joyous day even earlier than our American friends. In fact, our Thanksgiving is just two weeks away on October 12th and I beg of you, please just cancel it this year.

Covid is still going on and with school back in session and Covid fatigue setting in our second wave is starting. In Ontario we’ve had 5 out 7 days with more than 400 cases reported. Two weeks ago we didn’t have any single day above 200.

I first heard it said on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, “We may be bored of the coronavirus but it is not bored with us.” It has not gone away. It is still actively killing people. It will continue to kill for the foreseeable future. Let’s not put Grandma and Grandpa in jeopardy because of tradition.

But it’s not all bad news. You can avoid your racist Uncle for the first time in years. You won’t have to lie about loving that strange dessert that Aunt Meredith made after seeing it on Pinterest. And best of all, forget about unbuttoning your pants after the meal because it’s your house. There’s no obligation to wear pants at all!

So do you what you’ve always wanted to do and tell the family to “piss off” this Thanksgiving. Be safe and wear a mask.

…and Mom if you’re reading this I obviously don’t mean you. I’ll be there.

Do You Wear Shoes Inside Your Home?

Last week Gretchen Goldman, PHD went on CNN to discuss climate change and what everyone saw was a traditional “talking head”

After the interview she decided to share what was going on behind the scenes and we got another real glimpse of life in 2020.

The photos have since gone viral as people lightheartedly poke fun at the picture. The chair on the table, her in shorts, the wifi straining to keep a connection, the hidden toys in every nook and cranny of the space but the thing that has been getting the most attention is her shoes being on inside her home. Both sides of the argument have dug in and nobody seems to be budging from their position.

On television nobody takes off their shoes unless they are getting into a bed. Could you imagine Kramer sliding into Jerry’s apartment and then stopping to take off his shoes? Or Joey and Chandler barging into Monica and Rachel’s but having to stop first?

However, in the real world, it’s not nearly as common. I can understand if you have carpet, but if you have hardwood or tile everywhere why not keep your shoes on?

In our house I have “indoor” shoes which are actually a pair of bright blue crocs. They provide me with more arch support than a pair of slippers but are less troublesome than having to tie up a pair of shoes.

I am curious, do you wear shoes inside your home?

Let me know!

A Look Back on The Basis of Sex

As someone who finds himself fascinated with American politics it was hard not to get caught up in a tsunami of mixed emotions at the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. Sorrow for the loss of a woman who helped shape the American landscape by fighting for gender equality and terrified about what the current administration will do to try and replace her with less than 50days before an election.

It was with these feelings in place that my wife and I decided our Saturday night movie would be “On the Basis of Sex” from 2018. A movie both of us had always wanted to watch but inevitably kept getting pushed down the priority list for whatever movie was currently staring Dwayne Johnson or Kevin Hart.

For those unfamiliar with the movie it’s about Ruth  Bader Ginsburg’s struggle with being a female attorney in a male dominated field until she stumbles upon a tax case that could change the way the court system views gender discrimination. 

Felicity Jones masterfully plays RBG. Her determination, charm and charisma jump off the screen at you. She is equally matched by Armie Hammer who plays her husband Martin Ginsburg a man who believes so deeply in his wife he’s prepared to stand up for her even at times when she doesn’t necessarily believe in herself. 

There’s rarely a scene without at least one of them and it’s their chemistry that makes the two hour run time fly by. It’s always a good feeling when a movie leaves you wanting more and I wanted more. I wanted to see her go on to becoming a judge and her nomination to the Supreme Court all through the lens of this movie. However I suspect a four hour movie would have had me complaining about the length, if I would have watched it at all.

“On the Basis of Sex” is an uplifting, inspirational movie that tackles an incredibly important topic without coming across as preachy. To me, it was just as rare as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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